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Mini-Vans & ½ ton Pick up Trucks
Appropriate for small packages or items that will safely fit. Used for Hot Shot services throughout Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

Courier Van (Full Size)
Used for shipments of multiple pieces or multiple shipments for quick distribution. Accommodate height of up to 4 feet and 10 feet lineal floor space.

1 Ton Cube Van
Similar application as Courier Van but offering higher clearance (7 feet) and up to 16 feet of lineal floor space.

5 Ton van 24’
These are the most common delivery vehicles for distribution and local pick up and delivery services. They offer capacity of 10 -12 skids on the floor and payloads of approximately 14,000Lbs. Typical door clearances are 90 inches high and 94 inches wide. Some with cargo heaters.

5 Ton Van 24’ with PTG
This is the same as the 5 Ton Van 24’ but with additional equipment attached know as Power Tailgate (PTG) used to lower cargo from the deck of the truck to ground level for curbside delivery.

Tractors & Trailers
Various combinations allowing for the provision of trailers with door clearances up to 110 inches high and 100 inches wide. Trailers can be 26’ – 53’ in length and some with heaters or refrigeration, some with Power tailgates and we can also arrange for Flat decks if required. These combinations can allow for payloads up to 65,000Lbs. (based on availability of Tri-axle trailers)

Additional Equipment
We can also provide Pallet Jacks, Dollies, Blankets and Pads, Cargo Securement

Standard Schedules

Local Pick-up and delivery service within Calgary & Edmonton

On Demand choices include

Allow up to 6 hours for pick-up and delivery to be completed. Cut-off for same day completion is 11am. If booked a regular service later then 11am the commitment time falls into next business day.

Allow up to 4 hours for pick-up and delivery to be completed. Cut-off for same day completion is 1pm. If booked as Rush service later then 1pm then the commitment falls into next business day.

Allow up to 2 hours start to finish and delivery to be completed. Cut-off for same day completion is 3pm. If booked as Direct service later then 3 pm then the commitment falls into next business day.

Service between Cities and Towns

Book before 11am for service to all points falling between Calgary & Red Deer. Serviced with both Courier Van (Full size), 5 Tons and Tractor Trailers.

Book by 3pm to arrange delivery between all of our regular points of service between Cities and Towns for deliveries to occur next business day or beyond. Full range of equipment is available.

Hot Shot
Arrange any time of day for immediate direct drive service. Full range of equipment can be arranged as necessary.


• Online Order Entry   Online Order Demo
• Tracking of Orders and Deliveries
• Automated Status Alerts
• Automated Billing
• GPS Driver Tracking
• Electronic Signature Capture For Deliveries

Freight Management Services

Our sister company, Steele’s Total Logistics Ltd., can arrange quality freight transportation services throughout North America for you.


Calgary, Alberta T2A 7R7
Fax: 866-264-0917

Regular office hours are 7:30am – 5:00 pm Monday to Friday excluding holidays.

We are available if you require service after hours or over the weekend. Please contact our office if you require a service of this nature.

Value added Services

Value Added Services Guide

We offer many additional services including but not limited to
• After Hours Service
• Airport Service
• Appointment Deliveries
• Cross Docking
• Contract Service
• Dedicated Equipment
• Transportation of Dangerous Goods
• Inside delivery
• Expedited Service
• Extra Man power / Swamper
• Heated Service
• Hotel Service
• Hourly Service
• Insurance for high value shipments
• Interline Service
• Jobsite Service
• Night drops / Saturday Service
• Off route Deliveries
• Power tailgate Service
• Re-delivery / Multiple attempts
• Re-Manifest / Bill of Lading Creation
• Re-pack / palletize
• Residential Service (Curbside only)
• Retail Shopping Centres / Malls
• Storage
• Time Calls
• Trade Show / Conventions Service
• Wrong Address / Re-routing service

A proud member of Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA)

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